Dimension Data Luxembourg launches first LinkedIn LIVE show #Project21days

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

#Project21days connects the worlds of students and business professionals in a new format developed and hosted by the leading technology integrator Dimension Data in Luxembourg. Trainees will complete challenges every day and share their work on the social media LinkedIn.

Dimension Data is launching the first LinkedIn LIVE show, #Project21days, on 26 March 2019.

Four marketing trainees will take part in a 21 days social media project consisting of meeting different challenges from the spectrum of marketing every day. They will need to do their very best at all times, be open and honest and share their thinking and production on social media. The 21 episodes will be broadcasted on the world’s most popular professional social network, LinkedIn and visible to the 40’000+ followers of Dimension Data in Europe.

The project's aim is to spark constructive conversations and drive innovation, to connect the dots between people, knowledge and technology, and to create new opportunities.

Marta Duponselle, Senior Marketing Manager, says: “With this project we want to show that there’s potential for greatness in all of us. Everyone has valuable experience, knows some great people, has knowledge and passions. When we engage in constructive conversations, we exponentially multiply the potential for positive outcomes. The next step is connecting these dots and creating new constructive opportunities. In 2019, new opportunities are driven by people and technology. And we have great people and great technology. And yes, we believe in greatness.”

The project will run Tuesdays to Fridays and will finish on 30th April. To follow the show, go to Dimension Data’s LinkedIn page.

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