Day #1: First day at work

Updated: May 8, 2019

The four interns had to present the company in their own words and research the market on day #1 of their internship. They chose to look at the different aspects of what Dimension Data is doing: education, sport, healthcare, workplaces. Find out how was their first day at work!

For the first day of the #Project21days, we had to prepare a presentation about Dimension Data and study the market in order to promote the company. The collaboration with my colleagues was quite easy, even if at the beginning we had a problem of comprehension as we thought that the challenge was about doing a short global presentation. The situation started then to be stressful, but we managed to give a good presentation of Dimension Data and talk about the different sectors that the company is involved in. We did all this work in just 4 hours. We also had a video conference with Vincent about IT tools that we are going to use during the internship, so we learned how to use new software. There are many technologies and software to understand, it was very resourceful. Moreover, Mateusz, the cameraman, filmed us during the day, it was a new experience. We learned a lot more about the services that Dimension Data is providing and what they had innovated in. We also learned more about digital transformation through our presentation. Unfortunately, we met some problems with our PowerPoint, but we still did the presentation and thanks to the feedbacks we now know how to improve ourselves for the next few days.

- Mélanie

This morning, Marta revealed us our first day challenge: promote the company through a presentation. It was stressful but also exciting. For this presentation, we didn't understand in the right way what we had to do but we finally chose to present the different areas that are making Dimension Data successful. One intern chose one area that interests him. In addition, we had an interview about our first impression about the challenge and for the coming days at Dimension Data. We learned a lot about the services, the clients and the digital workplace. Furthermore, our first presentation knew some technical problems, but we keep in mind that it is only the beginning and that we can do much better the next time!

- Justine

So much to say on this first day but not enough words to express it. It was challenging, teamworking and the most important it brings me so much knowledge. We started the day by visiting the office and meet the employees. It was something not easy to do but we did it and we are proud of our final project. Thanks to that I improved myself, my abilities and learn what are my weaknesses, which is a good thing. My part in this project was to do a little study about Dimension Data and talk about the Digital Transformation in the section of Studies.

- Safaa

Everyone is friendly in the company and the locals are well thought and disposed! The first challenge was very interesting, and I learned a lot about the company’s business and its values. I also learned to work with my teammates: our differences complete each other. We worked in a positive atmosphere which was enjoyable. At first, we wanted to do a general presentation about the company but then we understood that we should bring our personal opinion. Then we did some research about the company and what Dimension Data concretely does for businesses: in which domain do they work. I made my part of the presentation about the place of sports in Dimension Data. I really like sports and especially cycling. It is incredible to see which innovations and technologies Dimension Data use to help sports organisations. The fact that they make all the technological aspect of the Tour de France Live Show, for example, is fascinating!

- Nicolas

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