Day #9: Design thinking

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today's challenge was about promoting our the #Project21days within Dimension Data and to our clients and partners. Madgalena Jakubowska, Design Thinking Director at Art Square Lab and guest jury of the day, asked them to create a communication plan using all stages of design thinking.

On day #9, the challenge was to promote our #Project21days and we met Magdalena who explained us all the steps and procedures to achieve a good project. I was impressed to see that there are so many procedures and it takes so much time to launch a new product or an innovation. Moreover, what people say and what people really think can actually be different. Nicolas and I talked with our colleagues to know what they know about this project. It was actually interesting to know their point of view. At the end of the day, we did our first prototype with an event in the kitchen! People were so curious! The prototype is in a good way, I think. Let’s see what happens with it!

- Justine

I loved to learn more about the design thinking methodology during this day #9. Magdalena was really friendly and helped us a lot to understand how this methodology works. It's incredible how many ideas we can get by speaking with employees, clients and interns. We had a lot of ideas and it changed a lot what we were thinking about the potential problems of communication. We also had to make a prototype to promote the project: we created a “corner” in the kitchen area, where we will go everyday

to encourage conversation and talk with employees… We also tried to understand how to promote the project on social media. This challenge was amazing and Magdalena is so kind!

- Nicolas

Day #9 was very hard but interesting day! In the morning we met our new jury member, Magdalena, who gave us our new challenge which was to do design thinking in order to promote our #Project21days. This day was the opportunity for us to do a real marketing and communication work and we learned so much about it. The methodology that Magdalena gave us is very useful and we will use it in the future. We collected many opinions from different people and it gave us ideas to promote our challenge. Moreover, it was an opportunity for us to make more people aware of our project. We learned a lot about procedures to launch a good project. Sharing ideas is very important, don’t you think? The feedbacks we had during the day and at the end from Magdalena and Marta were very helpful.

- Mélanie

That day we learned so much and I just loved knowing how design thinking works. I know I would use this methodology more often in my challenges and at work as well. I truly see the difference between big ideas that you organise and ideas with no methodology. The clue of marketing is communication and you must take into consideration all the opinions of people you work with.

- Safaa

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