Day #8: Stories of greatness

Updated: May 8, 2019

For today's challenge, we asked our interns to find successful stories of greatness. Therefore, they met Roland Titaux, Rémi Pierrat, Patrice Chéret and Jerome Becker to know more about their own stories.

Day #8 is over – I had to tell the success story of Rémi Pierrat, GTM solution architect. To do this I interviewed him and his story was impressive as he is just 30 and he has already done so much things, including winning the Technical Excellence Award at the Hall of Fame. I had to present his successful story to Mael Houbre, a trainee that is a recently graduated engineer. Rémi also gave me some tips about how to succeed as an engineer: always listen, always try to overachieve your task, always keep a notebook and write down what people say to you, as well as always persevere. Great, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!

- Mélanie

The day #8 was exciting and funny, I love learning more and more every day at Dimension Data. What I really care about is that people are so open and great, they are always motivated to help us in our challenge and we see that Dimension Data is really about teamwork. Hearing different stories about them, what they had done and how they became successful persons was pleasant. This challenge was a personal work, so I really liked to go around the areas at Dimension Data and see what people think about their leaders…

- Safaa

Today, I interviewed Roland Titaux who was really friendly and nice with me. He took the time to explain me every details of his outstanding story. We had a lot to talk about because he won the Excellence Award last year. He started as an engineer and is now Team Manager at the NSPA. He explained me his tips to succeed and said that he never left Dimension Data because it offered him a lot of opportunities. There is no limit in this company. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve everything!

- Justine

Day #8 was incredible! As I had to interview Jerome Becker, I prepared many questions about his success in the company and in his career. I asked him about professional and personal aspects. He is a very interesting and inspiring person. He always considers that the team is the most important part of his success and this is inspiring. In 1999, he created a sector from scratch with the help of his team. I loved to speak with him! At the end of the day, we presented our four success stories to Mael, Digital Workplace Trainee. He was really kind and was happy to discover these success stories. I particularly appreciated this challenge and this great meeting with Jerome. Can’t wait to see the next one!

- Nicolas

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