Day #7: How to network during an event

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today's challenge was a little different from those of the previous days. Our four interns were invited to the tech event Arch Summit and had to network and connect with people. What a good opportunity!

I have never participated to a networking event before. It was a really cool and a funny experience. I really liked to meet new people and I learned a lot about them. I think that creating relationships is not only about work. A relationship is true and genuine when you feel comfortable by knowing the person. I also connected with new people on LinkedIn. It was the first time that I met the Prime minister! I was impressed to see such an openminded person. He seems to truly support innovation.

- Justine

This new day was amazing and adventurous! To See the Prime Minister of Luxembourg in real was impressive. A great person, with a great personality and so friendly, I was surprised about the fact that it is so easy to approach him and to have a quick chit-chat. His speech was full of great subjects and he was so openminded, we really felt the good vibes and the energy through his speech. In addition, we met new people in the IT world and made great connections that have been filmed by Mateusz! So don’t miss the video...

- Safaa

Day #7 is over now! We had a great day at LuxExpo for the Arch Summit. This day was a huge opportunity to meet people and connect with them. We discovered a lot of companies and their specialties. I was impressed by all the things that you can do with technology, but I was also amazed by the new technologies that are coming on the market. We also had the chance to assist to a speech from the Prime Minister, and that was awesome! We learned how to create connection in an easier way. Within this exposition we could exchange with people and they were very excited about our #Project21days, I hope they will enjoy the next challenges and videos!

- Mélanie

This day #7 was incredible! It was the first time I went to such an event and it was interesting to meet new people and to discover so many innovative start-ups. There were so many great ideas at this event! One of the start-ups develops a project that consists on a robot which will help disabled people to walk again. It was very fascinating! We also assisted to the speech of the Prime Minister, which was very captivating and with humor as well. We spent a great moment all together, I really enjoyed this event.

- Nicolas

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