Day #6: Turn complex idea into simple messages

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today, the interns had to discover more about services Dimension Data offers. Kasia Krzyzanowski, storyteller and content writer, presented them the challenge #6: organise interviews with the GTM leads and deliver it into simple messages.

Today, Kasha challenged us to interview a GTM lead and write an article in a way that makes it understandable to a general business audience.We did our best to deliver the most professional article. I interviewed Patrice Chéret about the areas related to digital infrastructure. He was really kind and he explained me very well how these technologies work. It was a very complex task, especially because I’m not used to write an article about technologies. It was a great experience to discover how hard it is to synthesize information and then write a whole article in a really short period of time! This challenge was a hard one!

- Nicolas

What do you think about writing a magazine article on digital workplace, cool no? This was my challenge #6, I organised an interview with Aurore Schreiber and did an article about its work environment. It was hard and didn’t have enough time but at the end of the day I did it. Today it was a hard challenge! - Safaa

We had to write a blog in plain language. Everyone had a Go-To-Market lead to interview: they are team leaders who are dealing with the company’s partners and clients in order to provide the best services to Dimension Data’s clients. I interviewed Patrice Chéret, digital infrastructure’s GTM, and asked him many questions about his job and about what it is to be a GTM Lead. The different technological solutions are really hard to understand and we were a bit lost at the beginning. But Marta helped us to understand the subject and showed us the right way to think. To conclude on this day #6 challenge, working in team is truly different from working alone. This day was challenging for all of us! - Justine

During this day #6, I had to write an article on cybersecurity using plain language. That was an individual and interesting challenge. But it was a hard work and I didn’t have enough time. I interviewed Jerome Jean, the GTM business development Manager, who was very kind and give me very interesting answers about cybersecurity. - Mélanie

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