Day #4: How to write in plain language

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today's challenge was about rewriting a text in plain language style. Morné Malan, Global Head of Brand Language in South Africa, supported the four interns as the guest jury and gave them relevant advice to carry out this challenge.

Today, Morné explained us a lot about the concept of plain language. We can improve so much things on our writing and this meeting helped us understand what can be improved to captivate the reader. We had the challenge to rewrite an article from Dimension Data's website by using plain language. We have started the challenge when a new business priority needs occurred. Aurore Schreiber, digital workplace lead in Luxembourg, explained us about an exciting new digitalisation project in Healthcare and we had to write an internal mail about this topic, using plain language. We spent a lot of time to find out how to shorten our sentences and change words for synonyms to avoid repetitions. At the end, we made the “readability test” for our mail and we had a grade of 62,9 which is good! Then Morné gave us his feedbacks. It was so fascinating to see his writing and communication skills and how easy it is for him to make amazing sentences. We learned so much from him!

- Nicolas

Beginning the day by meeting our new judge, Morné Malan, was very exciting. Then, we discovered our new challenge which was interesting as it brought us more knowledge about writing a communicate letter. Our challenge was to write an internal communicate email and check our work with the readability tool. In this email, we had to talk about a new Dimension Data’s project which is the digitization in the Healthcare sector. This is an amazing concept that will be useful for the entire world as it will save times, and surely save lives too. In this way, we also understood better how Dimension Data wants to help people. At the end of the day, we met Morné who gave us incredible and helpful feedbacks about our writing.

- Mélanie

The challenge #4 was an exciting work to do and we acquired a lot of knowledge about written communication and plain language. We used a readability tool which permit us to see the quality of our email. We had the pleasure to assist a correction of our text in live with Morné. Where I was passionate about was how he had the facility to make poor sentences more interesting, I feel as I was in class (funny moments). I hope to have other fascinating challenges as this one!

- Safaa

As we are studying foreign languages and we use to do a lot of proofreading and translation, we have good writing skills. But writing an internal communication in plain language was new for us and it wasn't that easy. So, it was a real challenge! In the morning, Morné explained us all we had to know about plain language. We first worked on a blog post from Dimension Data… And then we provided our help in a new project when Aurore asked us to create an internal communication. Marketing is always made of surprise! All day, we focused on this second challenge; we really felt in our element and so much helpful. Furthermore, I really want to thank Morne for providing us his knowledge. He taught us what is a perfect writing and thanks to him, we will be able to use it for our internship, our blog posts and at the university as well.

- Justine

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