Day #3: What's behind the Top Employer Certificate?

Updated: May 8, 2019

On the day #3 of the project, our interns had to research about the company’s values and find out what the Top Employer award criteria are. Discover below what they learned through this challenge.

The challenge was about #TopEmployer, we discussed with the HR Europe Manager, Victoria Ward, who was the guest jury of the day. We did some video conference meetings and phone calls with HR managers in Europe (UK, Holland, Poland, Italy…). For six years, Dimension Data won the Top Employer award and this challenge permit to understand more why and how Dimension Data achieves to that accomplishment. We did a survey to our university students, who were really cooperative and were happy to help us in this project. We worked in groups of two as yesterday, but it was also a group #challenge because at the end we put all our work together and gave a nice and a smooth presentation to Victoria. To conclude, what defined the most Dimension Data is its strong culture and values.

- Safaa

Challenges become more and more interesting day after day. Today, Victoria Ward challenged us to study the human resources environment through interviews. I did not think there were so many HR points to focus on! It is not only about hiring people, but also about following them and promoting our values. We separated the tasks in two groups to be more efficient. Thanks to that, we have been able to carry out four interviews in total. It was, once again, amazing to meet new people and see people’s diversity in the company. People at Dimension Data are always very friendly, helpful and hold the values of the company. We found out that it is part of HR concerns. We discovered that hiring is not only about skills but also about integrity, values and culture. I feel more and more interested in this project and I'm glad to see the diversity in the different challenges. Let’s see what is waiting for us tomorrow!

- Justine

Today, we work on the company’s values and what qualities should a Top Employer have. I called Steve Warner, People & Culture Director in the UK, and I really enjoyed talking with him. He explained us so many things about how they manage the employees in the company, what do they do to make people feel better in the company, etc. I did not expect so much things were taken into account when dealing with internal problems. Steve explained us the example of the "broken window" which is an illustration for the real problem that human beings always focus on the bad things and not on all the good things around them. It was so captivating. The values of the company are real assets to motivate the employees. We also found out that the culture is the most important point of Dimension Data. This culture represents the mentality of its members through respect, integrity. It's not only by writing these values on the wall but also by carrying this culture and commitment to every project Dimension Data realizes. This day #3 was extremely helpful to understand even more what Dimension Data brings to people.

- Nicolas

This challenge was interesting as we learned more about Dimension Data’s culture. But we also saw different points of view about what is the culture and all values that a company must embody to be a Top Employer. It also pushed us to think about the situation as we had to give our opinion through this challenge. To do this, we also asked the students from our university to answer a survey in order to have the opinion of the new generation about the values that are the most important to them to be a "top employer”. We made videocalls to get the information we had collected, and the HR directors were very cooperative and interested by the purpose of our survey. To conclude, we are getting more and more information every day about Dimension Data but also about this sector and I’m excited to discover the fourth challenge!

- Mélanie

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