Day #21: The jobs of the future

Day #21 marked the end of #Project21days. For their last day, the interns had to present the jobs of the future. Look below what they learned that day.

It was very exciting to face the last challenge but I was also sad to say goodbye to this project. We had to research the jobs of the future. That was a great idea because we learned a lot about the objectives and projects of the future as well as the jobs that will be created. It was even interesting for us as we now know what the future skills will be to succeed in the future job market, as we may face it. We also found out that there are already a lot of innovations in some countries like China such as the police who is wearing facial recognition glasses to monitor the crowd. This is impressive!

- Mélanie

Today was the final challenge! We were quite nostalgic but also proud of ourselves. We’ve discovered many areas and on day #21, we discovered the jobs of the future. I feel concerned because technology and robots will be part of our the jobs in the next decades. Let’s see what is waiting for us in the future! For now, I feel thankful that I have been part of this challenge and I cannot wait to see what is waiting for me in my future professional career! - Justine

For this last day, it was so cool to do research about the jobs of the future. The document that Debra gave us was very interesting – I learned a lot about the potential new jobs that will emerge in the next years. The technology will create more jobs and make our life easier. It was a great experience to present this topic in front of many colleagues of Dimension Data Luxembourg. It was a bit stressful as we were used to present in front of 5 persons maximum. We learned a lot from this last day. This project was so helpful for me to develop new professional skills and also soft skills. I loved to be part of this project, I met so many friendly persons. I am really proud of the result! Thank you Dimension Data Luxembourg for this opportunity!

- Nicolas

Finally the last day of the #Project21days. I presented the future jobs in food industry and education sector. I am proud to have been part of this exclusive and innovative project that boosts Dimension Data's creativity and communication! It is a great company with great opportunities. Thank all the Dimension Data's people and Marta for your support and contribution during these 21 days!

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