Day #20: Tech for good!

Updated: May 8, 2019

#Project21days is almost over and on day #20, two partners from VMware launched the challenge. They asked the interns how technology is a force for good. Watch the video to see some of the highlights!

Just one day left and it will be the end of #Project21days. Searching and discovering that it exists so many technologies for the good of the people is fascinating. In my research I found many examples such as police robot, viewer VR or NCF implant. All these technologies are invented and created to make daily life and life work easier and more accessible. What a great challenge!

- Safaa

On day #20, we had a very exciting challenge! During the day we tried to find out how technology has improved and can still improve people life and the environment. We all know about the basic innovations but there are new inventions coming. For example, police officers in China are now equipped with facial recognition glasses that help to monitor people by scanning crowds; but I also heard about smart cities which could prevent from lots of things such as a bridge cracking. It is very interesting to see how technology has changed our daily life in order to improve it, and how it can also help to solve a lot of problems.

- Mélanie

Day #20 was really great for our imagination. It was really captivating to find ideas about this really interesting topic and I also discovered new technological prototype which are insanely good, such as the gloves which translate the sign language. I also had an idea about helping blind people to walk in the street without help so they would have more independence. We all had many great ideas about the future of technologies and how will these technologies improve people’s quality of life and also help the planet. Now we are moving on to the last challenge, the day #21!

- Nicolas

This challenge enabled us to be more creative. In general, #Project21days helps me developing my creativity and my presentation skills, and I really like it. I learned a lot about the future of technologies and I discovered that some of them can support people in their daily life. It was great to see what technologies can provide to disabled people. I cannot wait to see autonomous cars in real time. It will help for traffic in Luxembourg and to reduce accidents for example. To sum up, I'm sure that technology will secure our lives.

- Justine

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