Day #2: Brand purpose and values

Updated: May 8, 2019

On the day #2 of the project, we asked our interns to uncover the stories that bring our brand purpose to life. We also wanted to know what are the values and purpose they would build on if they were to create their company. Find out their opinions about their second day!

On day #2 we met Marisa, the marketing senior in South Africa, a kind person who revealed us the challenge #2. In the first part of the day, we had to find uncovered storytelling in Europe area, we did send messages to all the Europe managers, some of the manager didn’t want to give us information for confidentiality reasons. We finally had two storytellers Pamela and Katia. Marisa was impressed about the result of our final project, she tells us that we really understand the values of the brand. Thanks to her feedback, we make efforts since the day #1. We make two groups of two interns, I was with Nicolas and I really liked to work with him. We have the facility to understand each other and both of us gave different perspectives, ideas, solutions and creativity in this project.

- Safaa

The second day challenge was very interesting and exciting. It was my first time attending a video conference and all I can say is that it was so much exciting. For this day #2, we had to “bring our brand purpose to life through a storytelling”. It was a surprising challenge. To find undercover storytelling we had to contact many people and finally, Rupert Wadsworth, Dimension Data’s marketing director in UK, accepted a conference call with us. He told us many things and stories that, for confidentiality reasons, we are not allowed to tell. It was very interesting to talk with him and to see his point of view regarding the main advantages of Dimension Data compared to its competitors. Today, I really understood the business aspect of Dimension Data, what types of services the company is providing and what is its main focus. In the afternoon, we interviewed Alexandre, a Sales Manager in Luxembourg. It was awesome to see the common points with Rupert’s interview. I was working with Mélanie and, based on these two interviews, we completed our work in order to present it to Marisa. We were very glad to see that she appreciated our presentation. She saw our involvement on this day #2 challenge. To conclude, I would say that the challenge level was higher than yesterday. Indeed, it was harder to find information and to complete our presentation on time, but we did it and I feel proud at the end of the day!

- Justine

Today, we first met Marisa! The challenge was helpful to understand even more the values of the company. We worked in groups of two and we had to do a presentation about the customer needs, how the brand differences itself from the competitors and find client uncovered stories. We also had to find new exciting ways to promote the company. I formed a group with Safaa and I think we made a great job together! We had a lot of ideas for this second challenge of the #Project21days. I really enjoyed this one! We did a lot of research about what the company does for its clients and what are Dimension Data’s needs. It was an awesome experience, we called people in Austria to ask some questions about the company and what Dimension Data is proud of. We asked some questions in English and the fact that I speak German was also really useful for this interview. Then I spoke with Katia, from Luxembourg, and she explained me a new project that Dimension Data will make in an area that I didn’t expect: Digitizing is everywhere! It was an incredible day and I never thought that Dimension Data would work in so many areas. Cant wait to see the others challenges!

- Nicolas

For our second day of work on the #21days project, we had learned more things about Dimension Data and its projects. We met a new member of the jury, Marisa, in a video conference. She was very nice and her feedback was very encouraging for the next days. We had to share some storytelling’s from Dimension Data’s members and so we found out uncovered stories that were very interesting. We also had to promote the Tour de France and Believe in Greatness campaign in different ways. During the day, I collaborated with Justine. We had to find information about Dimension Data’s identity and thanks to it I understand know better what they are doing and trying to make in the business market. We also had to interview some colleagues and they shared to us their point of view about Dimension Data and also details about the services provided. The level for this challenge was higher compared to the first challenge, but this way we pushed ourselves to do the work that were asked at our best. We also learned that Dimension Data is not only a provider of services or an innovative company but also a company that try to do its best to help humanity. We know how Dimension Data differentiate itself from its competitors. And so, I was also surprised about how technology can help and improve the environment! The fact that we could speak to people in the company that are employees for a long time was a great experience, as we had different anecdotes and information.

- Mélanie

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