Day #19: Benefits of mentorship

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today is day #19 and one of the last challenges was to discover the benefits of mentorship. They had to choose a mentor within the company and have a mentee-mentor conversation.

Day #19 was a great step forward! We found our mentor. Having someone to refer to is very important and I am glad that Benjamin Degand is my mentor. He has some soft skills that are very interesting and he's a good advisor!

- Mélanie

The day #19 was a really great day for us. I found my mentor within the company: Emilie Deom. She is an amazing speaker and a really interesting person. I felt like her personality was pretty much like mine, that’s why I chose Emilie. I think that mentoring is really helpful to improve the way we are working and also our daily life. This first meeting with Emilie was very great, I learned a lot about her career, her opinion about situation that I’ve faced. She also gave me very good tips to be a good speaker. I can’t wait to plan the second meeting!

- Nicolas

On day #19, we had to find a mentor in the company to guide us and to help us in our career. Furthermore, we found out what is the role of a mentor and what are the benefits of mentorship. I chose as my mentor Yorick Petey. For me, a mentor will give you more self-confidence and help you to take you better control of your career. As he’s managing a team, I think that he has many tips to provide me. I will take advantage of his knowledge and his strong motivation during the time of my internship.

- Justine

The end is near and this challenge came at the right time to find my mentor. After 19 days, I had the chance to talk with many people at DD and it has enabled me to create interesting connections. I can see myself through one of them and he represents all the skills that a mentor must have. Thank you again Karctic Sandanakrichenane for being my mentor!

- Safaa

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