Day #17: Discovering AWS

Updated: May 8, 2019

On day #17, Emilie Deom joined the #Project21days as the guest judge. She presented to the interns what AWS is and asked them to understand why Dimension Data is an Advanced Consulting Partner and what's the value for their clients.

On day #17, we discovered Amazon Web Services. I did not know at all about this company and which kind of services it provides. I interviewed Alphons Evers who taught me a lot about AWS. It was resourceful to speak with him. On the other side, we made some research about AWS. I decided to talk about what Dimension Data provides to AWS and it was interesting to learn about all the capacities and facilities that DD can provide to its clients. It was a great challenge!

- Justine

Thanks to Emilie I discover what is AWS, and to see that Amazon is the first cloud on the market make me realized that any company can progress more and more every day.

- Safaa

For this day #17, Emilie Deom explained us what is AWS. I learned a lot from this challenge and this topic. Now, I understand why companies use this technology: it has so many advantages compared to what was done before. I Interviewed Ahmed Nassik, who seemed to know AWS very well, and it was so interesting to speak with him. Thank you for this challenge!

- Nicolas

On day #17 we find out new information about Dimension Data and its partners. We learned a lot during this challenge. We can now understand why and how companies are using this kind of technologies. I had to interview Benjamin Degnd for this challenge, and ha gave me a lot of information! Thank you very much!


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