Day #16: Rebuild the design of an online magazine

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today, #Project21days welcomed Kamel Amroune, CEO of BEAST Magazine. The interns had to help him by rebuilding the online magazine and consider how it can be improved and structured. Read their feedbacks of day #16 below.

For this challenge #16, we discovered the new BEAST Magazine (an acronym for Business, Entertainment, Art, Science and Techonoly). We had a lot of ideas to improve the website and how to attract more people to the online magazine. As young people, it's easier to know what interests young people and how to have their attention. The fact that Dimension Data will be co-creating this project is very interesting! We presented our tips and ideas to Kamel and it was a great experience to debate with him.

- Nicolas

Friday’s challenge was very creative and refreshing. We had to review and recreate the design of the BEAST Magazine. I like challenges that call for creativity and imagination. On the other side, we had to find a way to make BEAST magazine profitable through partners and sponsors. When we presented our ideas to Kamel, we encountered difficulties to defend our project and I think it was the main challenge of the day.

- Justine

Day #16 was a full discovery and that was very interesting. Indeed, we had to improve the website of BEAST Magazine and we never did this before! We tried to think about so many things such as adding a home section, a sponsorship section and so many other things that could increase the visibility of the magazine. That was a great teamwork again. I am exciting for the next challenge!

- Mélanie

On day #16, imagination was present! My brain was exploding with different ideas. The online BEAST magazine was not optimal and attractive, so we try to proposed an online magazine that was imaginative with a beautiful design of course. I really started to work right after the interview and try to do my best to give in short time a correct presentation that Kamel might liked, and indeed he liked it.

- Safaa

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