Day #15: Organise the annual kick off event

Updated: May 8, 2019

The challenge #15 given by Rupert Wadsworth was to plan the kick off 2019. This annual event is organised to celebrate the successes of the previous year and to align on the objectives of the next. The interns worked together to find a theme, a location and the activities for this annual event.

The day #15 challenge was so great! I loved this challenge because we did something real. We had so many theme ideas and it was hard to choose the best one. We questioned many employees to know what they want for that event and also what they would change from the previous one. We called many organisations to know if their venues were available and to negotiate prices... We really hope this project will be achieved! Stay tuned!

- Nicolas

To organise the kick-off, we had to find the theme, the location, the activities, food and so on. We are glad that we managed to have positive answers. If our idea becomes reality, don’t miss the kick-off 2019, there will be something you've never done before! That was an amazing teamwork again.

- Mélanie

It was quite difficult to look for a venue for this event. We contacted many locations, but they were all booked. Finally, we have found a beautiful location that our team may love. We were really excited about this project, but I cannot tell more so let’s keep it a surprised!

- Safaa

On day #15, the challenge was to organize this year’s kick off. We tried to look for a theme that has never been done in the company. It was hard to find something close to Capellen, exclusive and available in June but we found a great idea! Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose our idea… Rupert seemed to be really excited about our project and I really hope that it will be achieved this year!

- Justine

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