Day #14: How Apple devices simplify the way you work

Updated: May 8, 2019

How Apple devices simplify the daily work of companies? That's the issue the interns have been working on today.

Today's challenge was to find out how Apple devices simplify work. We asked many employees why they have chosen Apple devices and it was really interesting to see all the features that can be used in a professional way. We tried to cover many points in different areas : healthcare, education and business sectors. The challenge was also to have feedbacks about what will be the future of mobile devices. It was so cool to see how simple and useful it is to use Apple devices at work. Sabre was incredibly kind with us, I loved his challenge!

- Nicolas

Today we had to find out how Dimension Data’s services simplify the way companies are working. It was a pleasure to interview clients, colleagues, students... Even if we knew a lot about Apple, we learned many new information about Apple devices and their functions. We also had to give our opinion about how we see the future of Apple devices. It was very interesting !

- Mélanie

Today, I discovered what are the Apple services and how people considerate this brand. It was really interesting to see why people love so much this brand and why they are so dedicated to it! As an Apple non-user, I learned so many things about this brand and I have to admit that, if you have an Apple device, you will feel privilege.

- Safaa

Day #14 was refreshing. We all know that Apple is a trend to follow nowadays. During this challenge, we had to research how Apple products are different from the other devices that we can find in the market. With Nicolas, we talked with our colleagues about Apple products while Melanie and Safaa were sending surveys to our teammates at the university. Either people are addicted to Apple, or they really hate it. It is either black or white. I personally like Apple devices because I like the design, the security and the services. I think that Apple devices worth their price and that they will run the business world in the future for many reasons: it's easy to use, it saves time and all the devices can work together.

- Justine

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