Day #13: How to attract young engineers at DD

Updated: May 8, 2019

On day #13, Cyril de Bazelaire first asked the four interns to get in contact with European universities to build a brige to attract engineering students and then to create an employer branding video.

Today, we called universities to participate in their events. Our goal was to present the company to the future young engineers. We also had to create a video to promote Dimension Data and to attract them. We had an amazing afternoon recording the video. I learned a lot about how to make a video and that was a great teamwork. Even we had some difficulties to contact universities in the morning, as schools were in holidays, we finally managed to have some answers and some events to attend at the end of the day. I’m very excited to see what the day #14 challenge will be!

- Mélanie

The goal of today's challenge was to attract young engineers in the company. Dimension Data has some good arguments: it's a Top Employer and it invests in training. As many schools were in holidays, we sent some emails. Then, we created a video, showing the good environment in the office and promoting the values of the company. I think we did a pretty good job. The cameraman, Mateusz, helped us to record the video and we edited the video with some music, sentences, interviews and videos from the office. A challenge is not supposed to be easy and this day #13 was challenging!

- Justine

It was very hard to divide our time between both challenges. We started to make the video in the afternoon. It was difficult to find ideas, to capture film footages and to edit the video before 5 pm. Mateusz gave us a lot of tips to produce a good video. I really like to edit videos and the challenge #13 was very interesting. We decided to interview Mael Houbre to represent the young engineers and have his feedbacks about the company, so students will identify themselves to him. I really liked this challenge, and what was cool is the fact that it will be useful for the company to recruit new engineers! Thanks Cyril for this challenge!

- Nicolas

Hard day! We had a lot of work to do. Filming and editing a video were not easy tasks. We also called a lot of foreign universities to participate in their events to attract young engineers and at the same time to present Dimension Data’s services.

- Safaa

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