Day #12: Work-life balance

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today, the interns researched work-life balance tips. Victoria Ward came back as a guest jury to support the interns.

Work-life balance challenge was really interesting! We know more about people’s points of view. It enabled me to think about it and to have my own opinion about the topic. One of my tips would be to seize opportunities, which means to be spontaneous and curious to discover new things. It is important to improve yourself, in your personal life but also in your professional career. Travels and family times are important for me. Don’t forget to relax and refresh yourself. And you, what's your work-life balance tip?

- Mélanie

Today, Victoria gave us a creative challenge. I think that everyone’s goal in life should be to find the right organization to work for. For this challenge, we had to ask people about their ideal work-life balance. For Dimension Data’s employees, working here is more than a job but hobbies are also very important. They have to reconcile familiy and working lifes. Doing what you love is a goal in life. Personally, I always try to keep two or three times in a week to do exercises and focus on myself.

- Justine

In my point of view, this day was a philosophical day, thinking about work-life balance was really interesting and enabled me to know what are my tips for this topic. In addition, Dimension Data is an organisation that responds perfectly to work-life balance, it's not only about work but also about passion. My tips are: work smarter not harder, don't be in a hurry and just say "no".

- Safaa

I found very interesting to find some tips to improve the work-life balance. I truly think that being in this company makes you happy because we can find a good environment and people are really friendly. Personally, my tips are the following: plan holidays so you’ll have more energy when coming back to work; try new things and get out of the routine; try to find the perfect job for you and do what you love; take time to share moments with your family, and do your passion.

- Nicolas

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