Day #11: Phoning campaign

Updated: May 8, 2019

For the day #11 Patrice Chéret gave the challenge to call clients to invite them to the Intelligent Network Summit, event powered by Cisco, Apple and Dimension Data. Phoning may appear to be easy, but the interns realised it was harder than they think.

During the whole day, we called clients and tried to inform them about one of the biggest event of the company. I tried to call as many clients as I could but we all found difficulties to get in touch with them. This challenge made me discover more the marketing area. I learned that it's not easy everyday! I like the diversity of our challenges. Doing different tasks day after day is really rewarding.

- Justine

Today we had a great experience in marketing as we learned more about the area. The clients were very kind with us and we tried to invite as many people as we could. I hope that everyone will come to this important event at the MUDAM museum!

- Mélanie

This day, I saw a new side of the marketing communication. Calling the clients can be perceive as something easy but we realise that it’s not. It was interesting to get opinions from the clients about Dimension Data that were, most of the time, very positive.

- Safaa

Today was a good challenge for us because we learned how to contact clients through phone calls. It was a really great experience to get in touch with the clients. Some people were very interested in joining the event! What was interesting with this challenge is that our work will have a real impact on this event.

- Nicolas

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