Day #10: Raising funds for the Qhubeka charity

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today, Rupert Wadsworth, Marketing Director in the UK, challenged our four interns to think of an engaging charitable activity to raise funds for the Qhubeka charity. We also asked our colleagues what are their tips for going green. To sum up, it's all about triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Today, we had to do a business plan. It was something that we never learned before, so it was quite difficult but also good and instructive. We had a lot of ideas to raise funds for The Qhubeka Charity, such as mountain bike race and gourmet walk, which have been well received by employees of Dimension Data. It was an intense day, we talked and met many people of the company but it was also a nice to know more about people and their contribution.

- Safaa

As yesterday, it was a creative challenge: we had to find an idea to raise funds for the Qhubeka charity . This association is amazing as it's devoted to a good cause: they help children by providing them bikes to go to school and have access to education. It's important for me to help people and we have access to everything so easily in France. We had many ideas to raise funds: mountain bikes, gourmet walk, treasure hunt… Once we got feedbacks from employees, we started to draw our business plan. We really focused on what could be realistic in this project. I hope it will become real and it will help children !

- Justine

Through this day #10, we tried to create an event to raise funds for Qhubeka. We used the design thinking method by brainstorming our ideas in the morning. Then we did a survey that we sent to the whole company in order to have the opinion of people about the activities in the event. It was very interesting to create an event! We also learned how to make a business plan for this, which will be useful in the future. The final idea was to start a mountain bike ride, a trail race or a gourmet walk with other activities such as treasure hunt for kids and so on. The question of the day was: give a green tips. What’s yours?

- Mélanie

This day #10 was really exciting. A lot of ideas came to our mind to raise funds for Qhubeka, so we did a survey within the company to know what kind of event could interest the employees. We decided to make a project about all the possibilities that we thought of. We wanted to attract mountain bikers to be part of the event but also their families. Mountain bikers are really passionate about bikes, they know that bikes could be useful for these children! Moreover, Rupert Wadsworth is a really kind person. I really liked his challenge and to speak with him!

- Nicolas

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